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Welcome to My World

Illustrator: Rebecca Strickson
Welcome to the Emmatree. I am Emma a performing artist, humanitarian, human rights campaigner and a youth mentor.

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The EmmaTree
Performing Artist


Illustrator: Rebecca Strickson
Emma has created a 4-track EP of world fusion music, a mix of African Rhythms and Jazz Vocals. Currently Emmatree is creating a second EP for promotional purpose: "Desire to be free".

Emmatree is a melange of African rhythms and world fusion music; blending rhythms from around the world with melodic Jazz vocals. The inspiring lyrics portray a spiritual message encouraging people to ask questions and look deeper into understanding the mysteries of life.

Emma Seel is the Manager, co-producer, lyrist and performer of “The Emmatree.” Emma will be visiting Africa to further her musical and dance knowledge.
The Emmatree will be creating and performing in live shows in London and in Africa. She will put on live shows such as: “Peace, Human Rights.” The purpose for creating a higher emotional state for the audience. The show will include a collective of Youths from London and some established artists.

The Emmatree is always interested to collaborate with producers and musicians, please feel free to get in contact.


Emmatree has gained experience in African Dance with her trips to Africa and Street dance from London and is developing a London Dance Troupe.

Fashion Designer

Model: Valentine | Photographer: Sabina Lucia

Reggae Suit - African Up and Down - Costume for Festivals/Gigs
Emmatree has created several of her designs, African fabrics in a chic adventurous tailoring, these have been showcased in Africa Zambia, this passion will continue on her next trip to Africa to Gambia.

Em Power Uth
Youth Workshops

Issue based workshops run with youth in the community. Community centres/youth clubs. Live shows are put on at the end of the workshops to allow youth to express themselves through performing arts and communicate something they are passionate about.

By giving the youth a purpose and a voice they can be kept off the streets with nothing to do and be guided to the most beneficial direction in life.

Right to Education
School Workshops

Relevant to departments in schools: Humanities / Drama / English / Citizenship / PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education), Emma creates performing art workshops implementing "Human Rights". Human Rights such as: Don't discriminate, Right to a Nationality, Freedom of expression. Emma takes a relevant theme such as slave trade and she then educates the group on "No slavery". This gives the students more awareness in the subject and a chance to take active responsibility.
Statistics have shown that by educating the 30 Human rights, bullying and Racism has dramatically decreased in the areas so educated. These Human Rights are incorporated into drama role-play, poetry, lyrical rap, public speaking and more. Music shows or plays are created within the school when a series of workshops are booked.

Grow Gambia

Emma has been to Africa 3 times, each time she has been inspired by the culture, the music, the dance and passion for life of the locals. She has found it to be a very friendly nation.
Success story: "When I gave a seminar on integrity and honesty and the whole audience understood the concepts, they clapped and cheered leaving me with the warmest of feelings. This was one of my most treasured experiences." A respected quote Emma strongly believes in is this by L. Ron Hubbard: "There will be peace on earth when we can all trust each other."

"Integrity and honesty" free courses can be found online here:
Emma is planning a trip to the Gambia to provide life skill courses to the local community and to create a musical album with local musicians. Plus other artistic projects in the local community: dance, comedy sketches and a fashion show. Emma tree has created a fashion range which she designed and had made in Zambia. Emmatree is currently creating comedy sketches to collaborate with the London actors group.

The Money Tree

The Emmatree is sourcing funding for her current projects: The Emmatree and Em Power Uth. Funding is needed to contribute to the work of delivering workshops and performances to help change the situation in society. With the above projects, we help guide the younger generation to take a more beneficial direction in life.

Please contact Emmatree to discuss funding options, ways to help or simply to find out more.

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